July already?!

July 12, 2016

So my plan to write a blog post more frequently has failed miserably! I am absolutely
terrible at putting the time aside to do it, but here goes AGAIN ...

Attempt Two at blog posts:

Can't believe it's July already - the year has really flown by! January to April was all about preparing for the Pulse Trade Fair 2016 which was in mid May. Pulse was the second trade fair that I've done, so I like to think I was a little more prepared for what was in store in terms of preparation; there's so much to think about, from stand design, display ideas, marketing, press releases and the actual products themselves - the list seems never-ending no matter how on the ball you think you are!

As part of my prep I had a really fun day photographing all of my products with the amazingly talented Holly Booth. Holly is a fantastic photographer who has provided me with some fab new pictures. Not only is she great at what she does, she made everything so incredibly easy and I am super pleased with the results. Thank you, Holly!
At Pulse I launched some new products including typographic prints, new tea towels and some postcard sets. I also launched two new greeting card ranges - The super sweet, pastel coloured Candy Collection and luxurious silver foiled Celebration Collection for those extra special occasions.


Pulse was a great success! It was fantastic to meet up with some of my current stockists and put faces to names etc. I also met some other lovely new customers and fellow exhibitors. Overall the trade show is one I would recommend!

I've also worked on some fab commissions so far this year - one of my favourites was a bespoke print I created for a customer as part of their campaign to bring back the immensely popular Home Fires programme broadcast on ITV which was sadly axed after its last series. The typographic print illustrates words and phrases associated with British wartime, the Women's Institute and the camaraderie amongst those left on home soil.


I love creating unique designs for customers - hopefully there will be a lot more to come throughout the rest of the year. Please drop me an email if you have anything specific in mind.

Aside from all of this shenanigans I have also been very busy with other work! In February I left my full-time permanent design role to work as a freelance graphic designer. I have been working for a variety of exciting clients at different agencies and in-house brands in London and enjoying every minute! Not only has the move given me a taste of different working environments, my schedule is slightly more flexible which gives me more time and opportunity to keep on top of my business.

I'm very lucky to be going away for a week of sunshine tomorrow, a bit of time chilling by the pool with some form of alcoholic beverage in hand is just what I need. Good to have a bit of head space and work out what lies in store for the rest of the year.