New Year, New Website!

January 20, 2016

I never was much good at keeping a diary... I much prefer reading blog posts than writing my own ramblings, but this might be a good way of keeping track of what I have actually done! Here we go.

So I've had a busy year setting up and running my little business. I started up in April 2015, officially launching my range of products at the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate. My first trade fair was an amazing experience meeting fellow designers, makers and luckily a few new stockists. I'm loving creating my own designs - seeing them printed and manufactured into products that people seem to like and buy is amazing! I am SO pleased to say that I am now selling my products through a number of gorgeous shops and galleries across the UK and online - I'll have to keep up the blogging effort and promise to write a post about them soon!

Over the year I have also been involved with some other fun projects. In November I collaborated with The Clever Badger, contributing one of my tea towels to their 'Ready Steady Cook' subscription gift box. Each month they launch a themed 'Badger Box' which contains lots of exciting designery goods and makes a unique, surprise gift. These guys also sell lots of design based gifts, stationery items, cards and homewares - check them out!



I have also been working with the fabulous Mollie Makes Magazine. In November, they launched a special colouring book edition called Mollie Makes Colouring. Filled with 60 exclusive designs, quirky doodles, illustrations and geometric patterns, the edition was created by loads of illustrators and contributors - and I was thrilled to be asked to design a couple of pages!



Trying to fit all of the work in alongside my full-time Graphic Design job has been hard at times, but all in all I've had a fantastic and rewarding year, hopefully there will be more exciting projects and my business will continue to grow in 2016.

That'll do for now.
Jane x